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A Big Thankyou to all Contributors!

The Project IRIS team would like to extend our sincere thanks to all those schools, organisations, voluntary groups, and individuals who contributed to the project over the past three years.

We particularly appreciated the warm welcome we received in the schools we visited throughout the country, and are very grateful to the Boards of Management, school principals, and staff, who did so much to facilitate our visits and make this research possible. We are also grateful for the openness of all the participants we interviewed, especially the pupils, and their parents and guardians.

We would like to thank those schools who completed the school survey. The information gathered through the survey allowed us to gain an insight into special education at a whole school level, and capture the experiences of staff working alongside pupils with special needs.

A special thanks to the project Steering Committee, and those voluntary groups, organisations, and individuals who were invaluable in identifying key issues in special education to be included in the research. Thanks also to those who assisted in distributing the schools survey to a wide cross section of primary, special, and post primary schools.

The information collected through the research allowed us to gain a comprehensive picture of what is happening in special education in Irish schools. It was wonderful to see that schools throughout the country have the best interests of all their pupils at heart, and are doing such tremendous work to support their learning needs.

The team have completed the data collection component of the research and are currently compiling that data into a final report.

Paul O'Raw
Project Coordinator


February, 2013

CY-ICER - Cyprus International Conference on Educational Research,
Cyprus 13th-15th Feb. 2013


November, 2012

NCSE - Annual Research Conference, Dublin
November 21st 2012


June, 2012

I A T S E - 24th Annual Intl Conference, Dublin
June 7th - 9th 2012
‘Exploring behaviours  that challenge’



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