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Pupil Art Galleries

Pupils are at the very centre of education, and it is important to the Project IRIS team that their talents and creativity are fully recognised and celebrated. We have put together this small gallery space to allow pupils showcase some of their work and to contribute in their own way to Project IRIS. We are regularly adding to this collection so we hope you will drop back from time to time as the pupils from schools around Ireland help us update and expand the galleries.

Gallery 1 Open gallery

Pupils from around the country are invited to submit their original artwork to the open gallery.

(If want to find out more about how pupils from your school can be involved in the open gallery please contact the Project IRIS team here).

Gallery 2St Oliver Plunkett School Gallery

Pupils from St Oliver Plunkett School were asked to make contributions to a gallery loosely based around the theme - "The Things, and People, That Help Me with My Learning in School".


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