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February 2013

Cyprus International Conference on Educational Research (Feb. 13th-15th, 2013)

Project IRIS manager Richard Rose will be giving a presentation on the methodology developed to create case studies around the 24 schools participating in the project. The case studies summarise data collected over a three year period and represent a comprehensive picture of the inner workings of schools involved in inclusive education from the perspectives of multiple stakeholders.

More information is available from the conference website here.

November 2012

NCSE - Annual Research Conference (November 21st, 2012)

Richard Rose and Michael Shevlin from the Project IRIS team, will be presenting interim findings from the three years of the research, and will also be available for a question and answer session following their presentation.

The presentation will include interim findings from all phases of the study including the national survey of primary, post primary and special schools, and findings from both the school and student case studies. Richard and Michael will also be discussing the project methodology and approaches to data collection throughout the research.

The conference agenda is available in pdf format on the NCSE website here.

Booking for the conference is still open and available here.

June 2012

IATSE - 24th Annual Intl Conference (June 7th-9th, 2012)

‘Exploring behaviours that challenge’

Two Project IRIS researchers, Phil Ellender and Yu Zhao (better known as Yumy), were in attendance at the 2012 IATSE conference being held in St Patrick’s College Drumcondra, Dublin.

Phil, who has assisted in data collection in schools in Ireland will be presenting work from his own study of transition from primary to secondary schooling for children with special educational needs in England. Yumy, who has been assisting Richard Rose with data analysis around case studies will be attending the conference and working in meetings with other members of the Project IRIS team.

The conference programme is available in pdf format on the IATSE website here.

February 2012

Giving voice to the child

In recent years, there has been considerable focus on the importance of children and young people participating in all decisions about their education.

Articles 12 and 13 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC, 1989) recommend that children who are capable of forming views have the right to express their opinions and have those opinions taken into account on matters that impact on their lives. It upholds the rights of children with disabilities to express their views freely on all matters that affect them too.

Throughout Project IRIS the project researchers have paid particular attention to ensuring that the opinions of pupils have been taken into account when exploring the provision made in schools and their experiences of learning.

For an extensive bibliography on listening to pupils’ voices and for other bibliographies prepared by the Project IRIS team click here.

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