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Meet The Team

The Project IRIS team combines high level academic and research skills along with a wide variety of experiences in the real world of education. This international collaborative team is drawn from The University of Northampton, UK; Trinity College Dublin; and The Institute of Child Education and Psychology Europe, and brings together the combined expertise of three of the leading institutions in the field of special educational needs. In addition, the research team includes a number of independent researchers who are all skilled practitioners working in special education.

Project Team

Prof. Richard Rose (Lead consultant)
The University of Northampton, The Centre for Special Needs Education and Research

Dr Michael Shevlin (Consultant)
Trinity College Dublin, School of Education

Dr Eileen C. Winter (Consultant)
Institute of Child Education and Psychology Europe

Mr Paul O'Raw (Project coordinator)
Institute of Child Education and Psychology Europe

Steering Committee

Members of the Project IRIS steering committee are drawn from both statutory and voluntary bodies involved in special educational needs and play a crucial role in supporting the project.

A full list of members currently sitting on the steering committee is available here.

Research Team

Spanning over three years, and divided into five distinct work phases, Project IRIS has drawn upon the skills and expertise of a nationwide panel of researchers, academics, and those working in the field of special needs education.

Below you will find details of those involved at each stage of the research.

Phase 1 team Phase 1: Information gathering
Phase 2 team Phase 2: Primary and special schools
Phase 3 team Phase 3: Post primary schools
Phase 4 team Phase 4: Case study schools revisit
Phase 5 team Phase 5: Final analysis

(In the event we may have neglected to credit anyone for their contribution to the project please contact us here).

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